What is MindMelt

Mind melt literally  means the melting of thoughts or opinions.
Mind melting: being so close to someone it feels like your minds are melted together


a-mind-meltVulcan Mind report was a telepathic bond between two individuals, the exchange of ideas, essentially allowing the participants to be a ghost. (TNG: “Sarek”) It was a psionic technique for “synaptic pattern displacement.” Normally, it was only used by Vulcans. It was a very personal thing, a part of private life, and not generally used by foreigners, although cases in which the spirit sign was initiated between a Vulcan and a non-Vulcan. (VOY: “Report”; TNG: “Sarek”) Those who gestalt in a message shared consciousness in a species. (DS9: “The Passenger”)Physical contact was required. The initiator placed the tips of his fingers at key locations on the head of another participant. This allowed him to put pressure on the major nerves and blood vessels to promote the link.

Next to the Vulcan Mindmeld, the expression Mind Melt is also used in fantasy games like World of Warcraft.




The reason that I chose Mindmelt for my blog is , that I want  share my thoughts and interests around virtualization, cloud and devops.  This blog will not be limited to these subjects but will also address other IT related subjects.