Updated fling(s) for January 2019

This year started with 4 updated flings. Here is the list of the updated flings and the updates per fling. ESXi Embedded Host Client vSphere HTML5 Web Client vSphere PKS Plugin vSAN Hardware Compatibility List Checker Below are the change logs of this month’s updated flings: ESXi Embedded Host Client: Version 1.33.1 build 12086396 (Fling … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for January 2019

New fling: Policy Enforcer

Summary: Policy Enforcer is used to check and remediate restriction policies on a Workspace ONE Managed Windows 10 machine. If a user were to try to override configured Policy CSP settings by attempting to edit the Windows Registry, Policy Enforcer will compare the current value with the MDM configured value and reset the registry if … Read moreNew fling: Policy Enforcer

Updated fling(s) for December 2018

In the last month of this year, the follow 2 flings were updated this month: HCIBench PowerCLI Extensions Below are the changelogs of this month’s updated flings: PowerCLI Extensions Version Updated PowerCLI.Extensions Module to be compatible with VMware PowerCLI 11.0.0 HCIBench Version Added 2 more test cases into easy-run, 4k 100% random read … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for December 2018

New fling: VMware Workspace ONE Provisioning Tool

Summary The VMware Workspace ONE Provisioning Tool helps you test and validate your applications (exported as a .ppkg file) and the special-purpose unattend.xml configuration file as part of the Dell Provisioning for Workspace ONE offer. This tool simplifies the testing and validation of this process in your own environment before these files are sent and … Read moreNew fling: VMware Workspace ONE Provisioning Tool

New fling:PowerCLI for VMware Cloud on AWS

Summary This Fling provides a community preview of the upcoming PowerCLI commands for managing VMware Cloud on AWS. It comes in the form of a single PowerCLI module and integrates with existing PowerCLI modules. All commands have been automatically generated. They are still in development, contain known issues, and will change in the future. Requirements … Read moreNew fling:PowerCLI for VMware Cloud on AWS

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