Updated fling(s) for September 2018

VMware released this month four updated flings. SDDC Certificate ToolvRealize Operations REST Notification HelperHCIBenchESXi Compatibility Checker Below is a summary of the updates to the flings that were updated this month. SDDC Certificate Tool 1.0.1 – Build 10253169 Spring Frameworks updated to version 4.3.19 due to security vulnerability vRealize Operations Rest Notification Helper Version 1.1.2 … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for September 2018

New fling: DRS Dump Insight H5 Plugin

VMware released a new fling, DRS Dump Insight H5 Plugin. Summary: The DRS Dump Insight H5 Plugin helps answer simple questions like “Can I get all the recommendations made by DRS?”“Why did DRS make a certain recommendation?”“Why is DRS not making any recommendations to balance my cluster?”“How is my custom affinity/anti-affinity rule affecting load balancing … Read moreNew fling: DRS Dump Insight H5 Plugin

New fling: Horizon Session Recording

This week released another new fling, Horizon Session Recording Summary VMware Horizon Session Recording allows administrators of a VMware Horizon environment record their users activity in their Blast Extreme virtual desktop and application sessions. With Session Recording, the administrator can choose to record local or remote sessions, to a central recording Server where the administrator … Read moreNew fling: Horizon Session Recording

New Fling:Workspace ONE Configuration Tool for Provisioning

VMware released a new fling,¬†Workspace ONE Configuration Tool for Provisioning Summary The Workspace ONE Configuration Tool helps you build special-purpose unattend.xml configuration files to be applied in the Dell factory as part of Factory Provisioning. This helps to domain join (domain, workgroup, AAD, AAD Premium) and enroll devices automatically on first-boot. This simplifies the creation … Read moreNew Fling:Workspace ONE Configuration Tool for Provisioning

Updated fling(s) for August 2018

VMware updated in August 4 flings: DRS Entitlement ViewerHorizon Helpdesk UtilityvSphere HTML5 Web ClientDoD Security Technical Implementation Guide Changelogs: DRS Entitlement Viewer Version 1.1.0 Fixed bugs reported in v1.0.2Added support to provide feedback Horizon Helpdesk Utility Version 1.2.1 Added better logging for troubleshootingAdded support for newer Helpdesk features:Client versionIdle time etc.Bug fixes for licensing checks … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for August 2018

New Fling: Horizon DaaS Migration Tool

VMware released a few days ago a new fling, Horizon DaaS Migration Tool. Summary Horizon DaaS Migration Tool helps migrating from earlier versions of Horizon DaaS (6.1.5, 6.1.6, 7.0.0) to the latest supported version (8.0.0). The tool can be used to move persistent desktop mappings from existing tenants to a newly provisioned tenant on 8.0.0. … Read moreNew Fling: Horizon DaaS Migration Tool

New fling: vRealize Operations REST Notific

VMware released a new fling today, vRealize Operations Rest Notifications Helper Summary: vRealize Operations REST Notifications Helper helps vRealize Operations Manager users improve and customize the REST notifications of alerts. It collects the most useful information about an alert before sending it to third parties. The payload of the alert can be modified with user … Read moreNew fling: vRealize Operations REST Notific

Updated fling(s) for July 2018

This month was ‘flingwise’ a very active month. VMware published five new flings: Horizon Helpdesk Utility Workspace ONE UEM Samsung E-FOTA Tool vAssist.ai NLP Platform SDDC Certificate Tool Policy Builder Next to the new flings there ware also 6 updated flings: vSphere HTML5 Web Client ESXi Embedded Host Client HCIBench VMware OS Optimization Tool Blockchain … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for July 2018

New fling: Horizon Helpdesk Utility

Yesterday the 5th new fling for this month was released, Horizon Helpdesk Utility. Summary: The Horizon Helpdesk Utility is designed to be a tool used by real help desk agents. The Horizon Helpdesk Utility takes all of the functionality of the current HTML5 based Helpdesk in VMware Horizon and adds true desktop integration features, including: … Read moreNew fling: Horizon Helpdesk Utility

New fling: Workspace ONE UEM Samsung E-FOTA Tool

A new fling was released yesterday, Workspace ONE UEM Samsung E-FOTO Tool. Summary The Workspace ONE UEM Samsung E-FOTA Tool is designed to add to the existing abilities of AirWatch’s Samsung E-FOTA implementation. These new abilities include scheduling a firmware/OS update in a targeted window. This feature is dependent on the existing abilities within AirWatch … Read moreNew fling: Workspace ONE UEM Samsung E-FOTA Tool

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