Updated fling(s) for May 2018

This month the following 5 flings received an update I/O Analyzer vSphere HTML5 Web Client Desktop Watermark Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility Blockchain on Kubernetes What has been changed or updated: I/O Analyzer New in version 1.6.2u1 Support vSphere 6.5 onward Upgrade to OpenSSL 1.0.2o Hot patch script to live upgrade existing 1.6.2 VMs vSphere … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for May 2018

New fling: DRS Entitlement viewer

Summary: DRS Entitlement Viewer is installed as a plugin to the vSphere client. It is currently only supported for the HTML5 based vSphere client. Once installed, it gives the hierarchical view of vCenter DRS cluster inventory with entitled CPU and memory resources for each resource pool and VM in the cluster. Entitled resources can change … Read moreNew fling: DRS Entitlement viewer

New fling: ESXi Compatibility Checker

Summary: The ESXi Compatibility Checker is a python script that can validate VMware hardware compatibility and upgrade issues of ESXi. VMware hardware compatibility and product interoperability need to be validated when new hardware is installed on an existing ESXi or when a VC/ESXi version needs to be upgraded. Unfortunately, it is not a trivial task … Read moreNew fling: ESXi Compatibility Checker

New fling: Cellular Module User Space USB Driver on ESXi

Summary: IoT is growing rapidly so many users would like to enable ESXi on their IoT devices. Driven by VMware’s virtualization technology, which can help them address some challenges like security issues, fragmentation, multi-tenancy, etc. The reality is that many of those IoT devices have a variety of devices and busses that ESXi does not … Read moreNew fling: Cellular Module User Space USB Driver on ESXi

Updated fling(s) for April 2018

This month there were only two flings were updated. Below you can find what has changed. vSphere HTML5 Web Client Cross vCenter VM Mobility   vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling 3.37 – Build 8313530 New Features Add VM vApp option properties read-only view SRIOV networking in clone wizard customize HW page Improvements Prevent the user … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for April 2018

New Fling: PowerCLI Preview for NSX-T

This is the first new fling of 2018. Last three months there were updates on already existing flings but now we have a new fling, PowerCLI Preview for NSX-T Summary This Fling provides a community preview of the upcoming PowerCLI commands for NSX-T management. It comes in the form of a single PowerCLI module and … Read moreNew Fling: PowerCLI Preview for NSX-T

Updated fling(s) for March 2018

In March  there were no new flings but the following six flings were updated: VMware OS Optimization Tool ESXi Embedded Host Client App Volumes Backup Utility Cross vCenter VM Mobility – CLI HCIBench vSphere HTML5 Web Client Below you find what has changed in the updated flings. VMware OS Optimization Tool March 30, 2018 [Template] … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for March 2018

Updated fling(s) for February 2018

This month, three flings were updated. You can find the links and the change logs in this post. vSphere HTML5 Web Client DRS Lens Cross vCenter VM Mobility – CLI   Cross vCenter VM Mobility – CLI Version 1.5 Added support to choose destination vm folder / destination storage pod (storage drs) DRS Lens Version … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for February 2018

Updated fling(s) for January 2018

In January, there were no new flings released. The following seven flings were updated: VMware OS Optimization Tool vSphere HTML5 Web Client Blockchain on vSphere HCIBench Horizon Toolbox Desktop Watermark DoD Security Technical Implementation Guide(STIG) ESXi VIB DoD Security Technical Implementation Guide(STIG) ESXi VIB Update January 2018 Added 6.5 STIG VIB to the downloads section. … Read moreUpdated fling(s) for January 2018

Updated Fling(s) for December

In December, there were three flings updated: VMware OS Optimization Tool App Volumes Backup Utility vSphere HTML5 Web Client   VMware OS Optimization Tool December 14, 2017 Template update. Detailed change log for each template is in the online version of each template (accessed from Public Templates tab) App Volumes Backup Utility Version 2.0 Updated … Read moreUpdated Fling(s) for December

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