Updated Fling(s) for December

In December, there were three flings updated: VMware OS Optimization Tool App Volumes Backup Utility vSphere HTML5 Web Client   VMware OS Optimization Tool December 14, 2017 Template update. Detailed change log for each template is in the online version of each template (accessed from Public Templates tab) App Volumes Backup Utility Version 2.0 Updated … Read moreUpdated Fling(s) for December

VMware on AWS (re:Invent) update

At VMworld 2017 in Barcelona, VMware announced the availability of VMware on AWS. I also wrote a blog post about it.  At AWS re:Invent 2017 in November in Las Vegas, VMware and AWS announced the expansion of the availability of VMware on AWS. It is now available in U.S. West (Oregon) region and in the AWS … Read moreVMware on AWS (re:Invent) update

Free E-Book: Cloud Native Infrastructure

Learn How to Create Infrastructure Capable of Cloud Native Application Management Cloud native infrastructure is more than servers, network, and storage in the cloud—it is as much about operational hygiene as it is about elasticity and scalability. In this book, you’ll learn practices, patterns, and requirements for creating infrastructure that meets your needs, capable of … Read moreFree E-Book: Cloud Native Infrastructure

New fling: Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility

Summary This Fling allows users to easily migrate virtual machines in bulk from a graphical user interface between vCenter Servers (same & different SSO Domains supported) using the Cross-vCenter vMotion feature. Key Features Completely UI-driven workflow for VM migration Provides REST API for managing migration operations Works with vCenter not a part of the same … Read moreNew fling: Cross vCenter Workload Migration Utility

New Fling: Simple Natural Language Processing for iOS

Summary Simple Natural Language Processing for iOS provides developers with a convenient framework for integrating Natural Language Processing (NLP) into their iOS Apps. When the developer provides a set of training phrases, Simple NLP will use Naïve Bayes Classification to predict the intent of an unfamiliar phrase and extract parameters such as a person’s name … Read moreNew Fling: Simple Natural Language Processing for iOS

Updated Fling(s) for November

In November the following seven Flings were updated this month: Cross vCenter VM Mobility – CLI VMFork for pyVmomi HCIBench ESXi Embedded Host Client vSphere HTML5 Web Client Horizon Toolbox Desktop Watermark Cross vCenter VM Mobility – CLI Version 1.4 While migrating multiple vms with destination network option, only one vm used to get migrated.This … Read moreUpdated Fling(s) for November

Ebook series: Kubernetes

Two ebooks about Kubernetes The state of the Kubernetes Ecosystem Kubernetes emerged from a need to run cloud-native applications on a massively scaled network, and that’s exactly what it’s enabling its growing user base to do. The demand for platforms that can run web-scalable workloads means Kubernetes is increasingly under consideration by IT engineering teams, … Read moreEbook series: Kubernetes

Photon OS 2.0

What’s new in Photon OS 2.0 Photon OS 2.0 introduces new security and OS management capabilities, along with new and updated packages for Cloud native applications and VMware appliances. This topic summarizes what’s new and different in Photon OS 2.0. Security Enhancements Security-hardened Linux kernel: In addition to the linux and linux-esx kernels, Photon OS … Read morePhoton OS 2.0

Updated Fling(s) for October

This month the following two flings were updated: vSphere HTML5 Web Client Horizon Toolbox Below you can find what has changed. vSphere HTML5 Web Client This fling had several updates this month. Fling 3.26 – Build 6984758 New Features License Products Details Add New License action Improvements Enhanced the performance of the Datastore File Browser … Read moreUpdated Fling(s) for October

New fling: Blockchain on vSphere

Summary Blockchain is an emerging technology which has been gaining traction globally throughout the past few years. Industries like finance, logistics, and IoT are actively working on research and pilot projects using blockchain. Fabric is a sub project under Hyperledger (a LinuxFoundation project), it is probably the most mature blockchain solution available now for business … Read moreNew fling: Blockchain on vSphere

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