DockerCon 2018 Europe third and last day

This day, 5th of December, started also with a general session and the first speaker was Banjot Chanana, Vice President of Product at Docker. He started with a recap of yesterday’s general session. He also touched on the digital transformation and that OPS needs choice,agility and security to be successful in the new world order.    … Read moreDockerCon 2018 Europe third and last day

DockerCon 2018 Europe second day

The day (4th of December)  started with the general session. Steve Singh, CEO of Docker, kicked of the keynote. He started with comparing Docker Container with containers in the harbor. As containers were revolution in the transport, containers are now at the heart of the 4th industrial revolution. Every company is becoming a software company … Read moreDockerCon 2018 Europe second day

DockerCon 2018 Europe first day

Today is the first day of DockerCon 2018 Europe. Today you can follow different workshops, partner day, hands-on-labs, hallway tracks and round table session (invitation only). The day started with picking up my badge and backpack. After that I went to my first workshop of this conference. The workshop was about migrating .NET applications to … Read moreDockerCon 2018 Europe first day

DockerCon Europe 2018

This year will be the second time that I attend DockerCon. Last year I also attended DockerCon Europe in Copenhagen.  That time I was not sure what to expect. I had experience with VMworld but had no idea if DockerCon would be the same.  There were of course similarities but also things that were different. … Read moreDockerCon Europe 2018

Docker Certified Associate

Earlier this week I passed my Docker exam, and so I can call myself now Docker Certified Associate. For the official certificate, check here. Achieving this certification is the first step in the path to Docker Accredited Consultant. Next step is attending the DAC (Docker Accredited Consultant) workshop which I attended in the second week … Read moreDocker Certified Associate

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