Updated fling(s) for June 2018

This month, we again had some updated flings. There were no new flings published. Here is the list op the flings and an overview of the updates.


ESXi Compatibility Checker

Build 8951845

Offline case support
The current script requires to be executed with access to both public internet and target hosts. The new version can separately validate compatibility from collecting hardware information. Hence, user can collect hardware information on a system without public internet access and save the information in a json file. And he can validate compatibility of collected hardware from a saved json file on a system with public internet access.

The ‘-g’ option will collect hardware information and generate a json file. (no need to have internet access)
$compchecker.py -s <host> -u <user> -g <json-data-filename>

The ‘-f’ option will validate compatibility from a json file (no need to access target hosts)
$compchecker.py -f <json-data-filename>

Multiple virtual centers support

The host parameter with the ‘-s’ option now accepts comma separated multiple hostnames. This feature will be useful to create a single compatibility report for multiple VCs

$compchecker.py -s <host1>,<host2>,<host3> -u <user>(,<user>)

More information in the compatibility report

“Installed Release”, “Checked Release”, and hardware information have been added in the report.

The “-p” option to set a proxy server

The https proxy server can be specified with the “-p” option


Cross vCenter Workload Migration Tool

Version 2.1, June 21, 2018

  • Increased simultaneous migration limit to 100 from 10
  • Added check to ignore unknown fields for inventory info
  • Fixed source/target site names in task status view
  • Updated status API to include version number


DRS Lens

Version 1.3

Upgraded apache tomcat to version 8.5.31 for security compliance.


vSphere5 HTML Web Client

Fling 3.39 – Build 8835608

New Features

  • All the features of Auto Deploy (when compared with the vSphere Web Client)
    • Software Depots
    • Deploy Rules
    • Deployed Hosts
    • Discovered Hosts
    • Configure (Auto-Deploy configuration)
  • Script Bundles support for Auto-Deploy (Available only in the vSphere Client)
    • Script Bundles view where all bundles are listed
    • Ability to Upload a script bundle
    • Ability to Add/Edit deploy rules with script bundles
  • New virtual switches view on a host which includes topology diagrams for standard and host proxy switches


  • vApp properties create, edit, delete and set value functionality
  • VM vApp option properties create, edit, delete and set value functionality
  • vCenter Extensions
  • VM SDRS create, edit and delete


VMware OS Optimization Tool

June 14, 2018

  • Issue fix: Crash in non-English locale (e.g. French)


Horizon Migration Tool

Version 3.0.1

  • Fixed issue: add missed XenAppDumper.exe for XenApp 5.0
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