Webinar: “Why you need Multiple Recovery Options?”

Webinar: “Why you need Multiple Recovery Options?”

Our partner, Vembu, is organizing a webinar with the title “Why you need Multiple Recovery Options?” 

Disaster doesn’t differentiate between a small-sized business or a larger enterprise. It metes out the same treatment to everyone and everything in its path, irrespective of size and type of data. When that ensues, we, as a business, need to be prepared to face the unexpected. From nature’s fiercest storms and hurricanes to Humans’ silliest spilled coffee, disaster in any form could have a catastrophic effect on your business if your Disaster Recovery(DR) plan isn’t ideal.

Eager to know more on which Backup and DR strategy to adopt for your business?
Attend the live webinar by Vembu highlighting the different recovery options available and how to make the best use of them to keep your data centers shielded. Click here to register.

The following topics are adressed in the webinar

1) Why is recovery more important than a backup?
2) Recovery use-cases
3) Need for multiple recovery options
And more

Webinar details:

Subject: Why you need Multiple Recovery Options?
Date: May 31, Thursday
Time : 12 noon ET, 4PM GMT, 9AM PT

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