Updated fling(s) for February 2018

Updated fling(s) for February 2018

This month, three flings were updated. You can find the links and the change logs in this post.


Cross vCenter VM Mobility – CLI

Version 1.5
  • Added support to choose destination vm folder / destination storage pod (storage drs)

DRS Lens

Version 1.2
  • Added support for archiving monitored data
  • Added vCenter level summary page, to get summary of clusters and archives
  • Fixed Bugs reported in v1.1
  • UI enhancements


VMware vSphere HTML5  Web Client

Fling 3.34 – Build 7758187
New Features
  • Distributed switch topology diagram
  • Batch creation of VMkernel network adapters on a distributed port group
  • Assign License action on the License Assets tabs
  • Notification message for expiring VC licenses
  • Edit vApp settings
  • Enable and edit vApp options on a VM
  • Move networks and distributed switches to network folders
  • Batch assignment of physical network adapters to uplinks in “Add and Manage Hosts” wizard on a distributed switch
  • Batch assignment of VMkernel network adapters to port groups in “Add and Manage Hosts” wizard on a distributed switch
  • Display of addiitonal information like Power State and Quiesce/memory information for VM Snapshots
Bug Fixes
  • Create a child vApp workflow is fixed
Known Issues
  • Some parts of the UI can accept special characters in the name field (Ex: Tag name). If these special characters happens to be a HTML language code snippet (ex: alert), then you will notice those behavior on the client experience

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