Free e-Learning: VMware Cloud Foundation Fundamentals


 – Format: Self-Paced

– Length: 3 Hours


This eLearning course provides information about managing a software-defined data center using the VMware Cloud Foundation™ unified SDDC platform. The course explains how Cloud Foundation helps in managing the physical and virtual infrastructure, managing users, configuring and deploying service offerings, and upgrading and monitoring the environment.

This course also summarizes information about how to administer and operate the deployed Cloud Foundation based SDDC.


At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  Describe how Cloud Foundation deploys and manages an SDDC

  Identify the tasks that a system administrator performs in Cloud Foundation

  Describe how to manage users, roles, and permissions

  Describe how to manage physical and logical resources

  Explain how to configure and provision the environments and the workload domains

  Describe how to monitor alerts and health of the Cloud Foundation environment

  Explain how to configure the settings of VMware SDDC Manager

  Describe how to manage the lifecycle of the various software components of Cloud Foundation


1.  Course Introduction

  Course Overview

  Course Objectives

  Course Outline

2.  VMware Cloud Foundation Overview

  SDDC Overview

  VMware Vision and Strategy for IT

  VMware SDDC Architecture

  Customer Challenges

  Cloud Foundation

  Deploying Cloud Foundation

  SDDC Manager

  Competitive Advantage of Cloud Foundation

  How Cloud Foundation Simplifies SDDC Phases

  Key Features and Capabilities

  Main Pillars of Cloud Foundation

  Benefits from Cloud Foundation

  Workload Domains

  Lifecycle Management

  Types of Use Cases

  Infrastructure Components of VI and VDI

3.  VMware Cloud Foundation Administration

  Cloud Foundation Private Cloud Overview

  Tasks of the System Administrator in Cloud Foundation

  Physical Topology of Cloud Foundation

  Management Domain

  Network Topology of Cloud Foundation

  VMware Software Components in Cloud Foundation

  Client Web Interfaces in Cloud Foundation

  SDDC Manager Overview

  Log Onto SDDC Manager

  SDDC Manager User Interface Overview

  Log Out of SDDC Manager

4.  Managing Users, Groups, and Physical Resources

  Managing Users and Groups

  Active Directory and Cloud Foundation

  Configuring an Active Directory Domain as an Identity Source

  Granting Permission to Active Directory Users and Groups

  Adding Local Users and Groups

  Assigning Permission to Users and Groups

  Role-Based Access Control

  Adding a System Administrator Role

  Passwords for Cloud Foundation Authentication

  Modifying the Password Policy

  Physical Resources in Cloud Foundation

  ESXi: Host Details and Operations

  Switch Details and Operations

  Using the Topology View

  Levels of Topology View

5.  Working with Workload Domains

  Workload Domain

  Capacity Deployment for a Workload Domain   

  Management Domain        

  Management Domain Architecture      

  Types of Workload Domains   

  Software Components for VI and VDI

  Creating a VI Workload Domain   

  Virtual Machines in a VI Workload Domain

  VDI Environment

  Virtual Desktops – Installation and Authentication

  App Volumes and Active Directory Options

  Creating a VDI Workload Domain

  Expanding Workload Domains

  Deleting a Workload Domain

6.  Monitoring Your VMware Cloud Foundation Environment

  Monitoring Capabilities and Features of Cloud Foundation

  Events and Audit Events

  Types of Events

  Event Catalog

  Examining and Filtering Events and Audit Events    


  Cloud Foundation System Alerts

  Examining, Filtering, and Clearing Alerts

  Workflows and Tasks

  Workflow and Task Details     

  Using vRealize Log Insight Capabilities

  Accessing the vRealize Log Insight Web Interface

  Content Packs

  Using vRealize Operations Manager Capabilities

  vRealize Operations Manager Multiple-Node Cluster

  Accessing the vRealize Operations Manager Web Interface   

  Management Packs

7.  Configuring Settings Using SDDC Manager

  Settings Configuration Using SDDC Manager

  Configuring the Uplink Connectivity Settings

  Customizing Default Values When Creating VDI Workload Domains

  VDI Infrastructure Settings

8.  Lifecycle Management of VMware Cloud Foundation

  Managing Lifecycle

  Lifecycle Management Virtual Machines

  Scheduling Updates

  Handling Dependencies

  Monitoring Updates

  Upgrading the SDDC Manager     

  Demonstration: Automating Patches and Upgrades

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