Docker Datacenter

Last week, Docker released the Docker Datacenter suite. Docker Datacenter is based on the commercial engine of Docker and contains Docker Trusted Registry and Docker Universal Control Plane. This solution is meant to run in your own datacenter or in your own virtual private cloud. Docker Trusted Registry is used to store the images and support security or regulatory compliance requirements. Docker Universal Control Plane provides a containter management platform for your on premise docker environment or for your virtual private cloud container environment.  two days ago Docker released Docker Universal Control Plane 1.01.
Docker offers a 30 day trial of their Docker Datacenter suite. I coming weeks I will post my findings regarding the installation and configuration of this suite.

Passed my VCP6-DCV certification

My VMware certifications were going to expire on the 12th of March, To keep that from happening I took and passed the VCP 6 – Data Center Virtualization  delta exam. Since I only used selfstudy to achieve my VCP 5 certification I thought it was a smart idea to follow one of the suggested training courses. I attended the VMware vSphere: What’s New [V5.5 to V6] course. Next to that course I also attended the VMware vSphere: Certified Professional Exam Preparation Workshop [V1.0].

The training and the workshop are very helpfull towards the exam but not enough. I also installed the VMware ESXi 6.0 and VMware vCenter appliance in a test environment to get some hands on experience with the product.

Useful links:
VCP 6 Study guide
VMware practive exam
VMware product walkthrough

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